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elle crée (she creates) is an illustration-based product line designed and made in Portland, Oregon. From products to packaging, owner and designer Rachel Austen thoughtfully sources eco-friendly components that are local and American-made whenever possible, making elle crée’s products well-suited for the conscious consumer.

paint-by-number kits

peinture nostalgique line

translation: nostalgic painting

elle crée's paint-by-number kits feature vintage-inspired illustrations and custom, hand-mixed paint. Painting provides the same stress relief benefits of coloring, and the completed paint-by-number canvas has the additional benefit of being frame-ready wall décor. Recommended for ages 13 and up. Kits are designed and assembled in Portland, OR.

shadowbox night lights

la fée lumière Line

translation: the fairy of light

elle crée's shadowbox night lights for the bedside table feature nostalgic illustrations of classic storybook scenes. Each design is available in both light and dark skin tones. Nightlights are designed and made by hand in Portland, OR.

the making of la fée lumière

behind the scenes

the making of la fée lumière

It took 18 months to bring elle crée's concept to create whimsical diorama night lights to fruition. Here's a look behind the scenes at the process.