shadowbox night light | alice in wonderland

shadowbox night light | alice in wonderland

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The “Alice in Wonderland” night light depicts Lewis Carroll's classic story about Alice's adventures down the rabbit hole. Alice grows too big for the room after drinking from the bottle labeled "drink me" in the White Rabbit's hall. Available in both light and dark skin tones. This whimsical creation is part of elle crée's "la fée lumière" (the fairy of light) line of nostalgic shadowbox nightlights! Nightlights are made by hand in Portland, OR.

Product details:

  • Product sits on a flat surface, such as a bedside table

  • Approximate size: 9.5” (width) x 7.5” (height) x 5.5” (depth)

  • Six foot white chord has a toggle switch

  • Wattage is low so as not to interfere with children’s sleep (1 watt LED, equal to 7 watt incandescent)

  • LED light bulb good for 10,000 hours and can be replaced

  • Made in Portland, Oregon

skin tone:
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